BT Nyloplast - Experte für hochwertiges Thermoformen

Thermo moulding

Thermo moulding is a process for forming thermoplastics under the influence of heat using compressed air. This fast, proven technique is used for the production of PVC fittings and street drains for pipe power systems.

In short, thermoforming means heating and shaping extruded PVC pipes and sheets. Compressed air is used to form the plastic into a modular shape and products (fittings and connectors) can be manufactured in a variety of pipe classes, colours and plastic compositions.

Since 1962, we at BT Nyloplast have been developing thermoforming and these efforts have resulted in today's high quality and proven production technology. This technology allows for extremely precise process control as well as absolute repeatability. This technology is used in our production facility in `s-Gravendeel (The Netherlands).