BT Nyloplast Solydo PP-Fittings

Solydo PP fittings

Our Solydo PP range offers you a wide selection of fittings in diameters from 110 mm to 400 mm. Because of these standard diameters, Solydo can also be used with other pipe systems without the need for special adapters. They can be easily combined with PP pipes and other accessories such as Axedo inspection chambers. The completeness of the Solydo product range, including manholes and other accessories, guarantees the customer the convenience of a one-stop shop. This helps to avoid additional transport and administration costs.

Our Solydo PP fittings are made of 100% high modulus PP (PP-HM) and conform to SN8 ring stiffness. PP is highly impact resistant, making them virtually indestructible. Solydo can also be used in cold weather. Together with the universal HB-fix blue ringseal connection, they can be easily connected to all pipe types with the same diameters. This guarantees independence from suppliers and ensures that the continuity of the construction process is never compromised. PP is very durable. Solydo pipes and fittings are made of 100 % high modulus PP (PP-HM). This guarantees its strength and quality. It can be welded without loss of quality. 

Solydo's chemical resistance ensures that the accessory can be used in industrial environments. It is highly resistant to high-pressure cleaning, which guarantees reliability and minimal maintenance. Lightweight materials ensure a smaller environmental footprint through reduced emissions during production, transport and installation. PP is fully recyclable.
Solydo has an expected lifetime of 100 years. National and European quality marks (NF-BENOR KOMO-EN 1852-1) guarantee tested quality.

BT Nyloplast PP Solydo Fittings Sewage

The Solydo PP range is available in diameters DN160, 200, 250, 315 and 400 in lengths of up to 3 metres. There is a large selection of fittings: bends, branches, reducers, double sockets, overshot sockets.

Solydo PP fittings SN8


    Fittings for underground, non-pressurised waste water pipes [PP]


    Germany, Belgium, Netherlands. Check for possible exceptions


    PP-Copolymer with high E-Modul (PPHM)


    DIN EN 1852-1-Application UD


    SN8/ S13,3/S12,5


    DN/OD 110mm - 400mm


    Orange-brown RAL8023 and Grey RAL7037, special colours available on request


    HB-Fix seal


    · Cartons on one-way pallets