Building a sustainable future... out of plastic

How can plastics be good for the planet, you ask? By transporting water, air and other natural resources more reliably, more efficiently and more sustainably.
So we can preserve, recover, recycle and reuse more of them.
But also by making sure that the plastics we use are themselves fully recyclable.

So although you may not always see us – or even hear us – we are here.
And we never stop striving to develop smarter solutions for managing our most precious resources more effectively and more respectfully.
We make a difference!

We’re Nature’s Network.

Protecting our water supply

A drop of water may not seem like much. But when you think how essential it is to all life on our planet… it is easy to see why we, at BT Nyloplast, believe that every drop counts. And why we go out of our way to ensu¬re that every drop is managed efficiently, intelligently and sustainably. With smarter, more hygienic piping systems, more effective recycling solutions and more efficient irrigation systems. So the most precious liquid on earth can be transported wherever on earth it needs to be… without wasting a single drop in the process.

Managing urbanization and stormwater

Depending on where you are – and when – rain can be either a blessing or a curse. But as our cities grow larger, more crowded and our weather becomes more unpredictable… collecting, containing, recycling and reusing it is now more important than ever. Which is why we redirect rain water to where it’s absolutely essential.

Keeping it fresh

The air we breathe is something we all take for granted. And at BT Nyloplast, we believe that’s exactly how it should be. Which is why we develop smart ventilation systems that are as silent as they are invisible. In fact, were it not for the fact that the air inside is as fresh as it is outside, you wouldn’t even notice them at all.

Always working behind the scenes

Healthy air. Clean water. Silence. Just some of the products we take it upon ourselves to deliver, so you can take them all for granted. Day in, day out. Using innovative materials and technologies, designed and produced in-house, to provide the very basic ingredients of a comfortable home.

Hygienic waste water management

Open a tap… and water comes out. Bringing life, wellbeing, health and hygiene. And when it goes out again, it takes all our stress, pain and dirt along with it. At BT Nyloplast, we never forget how magical that is. And make it our mission to develop the technology that performs these little miracles every day. For healthier, happier and more comfortable living.