Continuous Improvement

The third pillar of our sustainability program is continuous improvement. This pillar focuses on innovation, and strengthening our sustainability performance.

A lot of our existing products already help our customers, end users, and other people in becoming more sustainable. At the same time, we are embedding sustainability further into our operations and processes. For this, we have established a sustainability program based on three pillars.

The third pillar features two topics.

SDG 9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure


Sustainable innovation

The first topic is sustainable innovation, linked to the SDG of "Industry, innovation and infrastructure". All new launched products shall be designed in a way that they are recyclable or reusable and all new products will feature improved sustainability performance compared to their predecessors.

SDG 11 12


Sustainable performance

The second topic is sustainability performance linked to the SDGs of "Responsible consumption and production" and "Sustainable cities and communities". To fulfil our ambition to become a sustainability leader in our industry, it is important we measure and continuously improve our sustainability performance and set high standards. We will also look at our suppliers. To increase our impact, our suppliers also need to meet our sustainability criteria. We will be implementing a list of criteria in 2023 to make sure our suppliers contribute to our sustainability program.

Do you want to know more?

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