BT Bautechnik invests in a new injection moulding line and a new mixing tower

​On September 11, 2018, BT Bautechnik organized an inauguration event in Aichach in order to present its new injection moulding machine and its new mixing tower. Together with Gabriel Spruijt and the senior management of PPS, a celebratory event and a Bavarian lunch with all employees was organized at its factory. Both investments, which in total amount to approximately 2 million euros, represent a new milestone for our German subsidiary, which specializes in PVC and PP sewage fittings.

The investment in the injection moulding line is the second of its kind for BT Bautechnik. Previously, in 2016, BT Bautechnik invested in a first large injection moulding machine. These machines are the largest injection moulding machines within the PPS business unit. They enable BT Bautechnik to independently produce a wide diameter range of fittings and other products . “As the demand for big fittings has been on the rise in recent years, BT Bautechnik decided to invest in a second injection moulding machine. The process for planning, purchasing and installation was the same as last time, whereby the operation of the machine is mirrored to reflect that of the first machine. The new installation became operational in early September 2018 and is now producing fittings and inspection chambers. Both PVC and PP injection are possible on this machine," commented René Ringert, Site Leader.

In addition, BT Bautechnik has also invested in a new mixing station. The installation is a patchwork of new equipment and second hand equipment that was turned into a state-of-the-art mixing installation. The new dry blend mixing installation (mixing PVC powder, stabilizer and colour master batch) has a robust production capacity.

“Both investments will enable BT Bautechnik to improve its production capacity and its competitive position. I would like to thank all of the employees involved in these two projects; without their commitment we would not have reached this milestone for BT Bautechnik. Obviously both investments will require a bit of fine tuning until everything runs perfectly but we will make it work!"