1962: Nyloplast Europe B.V. was founded in the Netherlands. Nyloplast Europe B.V. represents an important link as regards connecting non-pressure underground pipe systems in many European countries. Thanks to it consistently applying Thermo Molding technology and continuing to invest in people and technology, Nyloplast is now one of the most prominent players on the European market.


1970: BT Bautechnik Impex GmbH was founded in Germany as a developer and supplier of PVC-KG fittings for drainage systems. The company established itself as a first class quality injection molding manufacturer in the international waste water market.



1998: BTH Fitting Kft. was founded in Hungary. This dynamic and ever-expanding company produces and provides plastic sewage and waste water fittings, inspection chambers, cleaning pieces and shaft connectors. Thanks to its long-term market experience, its considerable expertise and its reliable solutions,  BTH has transformed itself into a well-known supplier of waste water fittings, not only in Hungary but also in both Central Europe and Eastern Europe.


: Nyloplast became part of Tessenderlo Group

2011: BT Bautechnik and BTH became part of Tessenderlo Group



 2018: BT, BTH and Nyloplast became BT Nyloplast