Inspection chambers

BTNyloplast produces a complete range of inspection chambers for undergound, non-pressurised waste water pipes. PVC-U and PP-Copolymer chambers can be used for cleaning, inspection and maintenance of pipe systems (passage diameter 250 and 315 mm) with a 400-mm inspection hole. Available in black (Axedo 600 black), in grey (RAL7037) and orange brown (RAL8023) and in a spigot/socket as well as a two-sided socket version.



Non-accessible inspection shafts for underground, non-pressurised waste water pipes

Several diameters:

  • Diameters of 160,200 mm with inlets/outlets of 110,160,200 mm.

  • Diameters of  315, 355 and 400 mm with inlets/outlets of 110, 160, 200 and 250 mm.

  • Diameters of 600 mm with inlets/outlets of 160, 200, 250, 315 and 400 mm.